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Adams Caddis

Tied by Anthony Sincaglia for our Uni-Products Fly Swap.

adams caddis fly pattern

Anthony's Notes and Instructions:

For fly tyers that fish the Great Lakes' Tributaries, Glow Yarn or Glow Bug Yarn is a common fly tying material. This bright synthetic is the main ingredient used to tie many egg patterns and other tributary flys. The unconventional use of the glow yarn for the torso is what gives the Glow Bug Hopper such a realistic look. Not only does this fly look great, it also catches fish, the pattern will work for trout in the late summer where streams pass through grassy areas, or for the beginner this fly is deadly for Sunfish. Tie one up and tie it on.

TAIL: None
BODY: Muskrat or dark gray dubbing
WING: Tan elk hair tied down like a trude or elk hair caddis
HACKLE: Grizzly and brown