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Fly Fishing Tackle Review: The Nautilus FWX Reel

nautilus fwx fly reelWe fly anglers are sometimes a picky group of people. When I’m up to my hips in a cold, fast-flowing stream, I need my fly fishing tackle to be as trusty as is feasible. Reels, are of utmost pertinence in my opinion; therefore, I am constantly looking for special prices on the Web or in tackle stores. I have a pretty tight spending budget, so when I invest in fishing gear, I opt for the best I can buy. I always love to see a superior quality fishing reel at a sensible cost. One fishing reel I have freshly invested in is the Nautilus FWX reel. Read further if you want to know why it is a permanent fixture in my fishing tackle box.

Fly Fishing Tackle: Main Qualities of the Nautilus FWX Reel

For a price tag of roughly £240 (which includes 20% VAT) you can buy a superiorly-built fishing reel with loads of widely-sought features. Nautilus’ FWX range was manufactured as an enhancement over the formerly profitable FW range-I see it as an excellent decision. This particular fishing reel is roughly 1/2 oz lighter in weight than its antecedent, owing to a redevised spool. So this FWX version is the lightest weight manufactured aluminium disc drag fishing reel accessible at present. While it has some major upgrading, this FWX is yet useable with the FW. I noticed straight away that the arbour is designed to deliver exceptionally quick line pick up. Not content to simply have a re-fashioned spool design, the Nautilus company decided to add on a fresh-new stainless steel one way clutch. The clutch is fitted into the company’s proprietary TORQ-X clutch drive. The result? This means nearly immediate drag engagement with absolutely zero slack. This enables the angler to switch the retrieve direction really effortlessly.

Fly Fishing Tackle: More Facts Concerning the Nautilus FWX Reel

While a reels outward appearance is not a top priority as far as I’m concerned, I really do love the understated classiness of the brushed silver and black colour on the FWX reel. This reel will accommodate roughly 110yd of 20lb backing; it weighs in at 4.6oz. The salt water safe layout of this reel is a feature I welcome, plus I like FWX’s superior quality workmanship and also high-performing abilities. This reel owns a very special feature that is fairly new in the fishing gear industry. This is the LaserID line recognition system. There is a white spot imprinted by Nautilus on the back side on all their FWX reel spools. This allows the angler to write the type and weight of line right on the spool. This is a vast enhancement over conservative type stickers which just fall off or wash out!

Fly Fishing Tackle: On the Subject of Nautilus

Due to the fact that I didn’t have as much knowledge concerning the Nautilus range as I did about others, I looked more carefully into the products. I learned that Nautilus is a firm that has been in the business for 177 years producing premium fly fishing tackle. This industry was opened in Norway in 1832 and it is a metal mechanics business that presently remains in operation. This is a family-owned firm that has a strong commitment to designing and manufacturing high quality products.

If you want the finest in fly fishing tackle, take a closer look at the Nautilus FWX reel.


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