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Fly Fishing – Not As Difficult As It Looks

Often I hear the question from those who want to learn, “Is it difficult to learn fly fishing?” If one seeks out a competent instructor, they can learn the basics of fly casting in a very short time.

Many comment that when they have watched a skilled angler fly casting, the word “beautiful” came to mind. Indeed, when properly done, fly casting is something of an art form. Some might want to lead you to believe that it’s a difficult sport to learn, however this is not the case. They key though is in learning from a good instructor.

Perhaps the most difficult part of fly casting to master is the timing of the cast. With guidance from a fly casting teacher, you will be less likely to develop bad habits which will be hard to fix later.

The roll cast is probably the first technique you should master. The roll cast is a very useful cast in a number of different situations and is not difficult to master. Ian Scott writes that “this is an essential cast to learn and perfect.” Prior to beginning the conventional back and forth cast, employment of the roll cast is used to ensure there is an adequate length of fly line on the water in order to create surface tension with the line. Where a back cast cannot be made, it is helpful to be skilled with the roll cast in order to be able to still get your fly to where the fish are.

The back cast can be learned after, and this sets up the forward cast in conventional fly fishing. Although many fly anglers will spend time on “false casting” in order to increase the length of line extending from the rod, it usually isn’t required.

The are other advanced fly casting techniques that are included in what is called “spey casting” which you may want to learn after you’ve got a solid grasp of the basics. Perfection with the basic roll cast is essential for spey casting as it is the basic building block for the combination of casts that you will learn.

The sport of fly fishing is no longer dominated by men. More and more women are heading out to the water with their fly rods. Although lighter gear including shorter rods is usually required, even children can be taught to fly cast with a little patience. Many new fly anglers become so fascinated with the sport that they go on to learn to tie their own flies.

You can learn more about this sport at this site about fly fishing.


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