All About Fly Fishing!

Flyfishing 101A

It's important to fish within your capabilities to really enjoy flyfishing.

I once saw a very popular tee shirt that proudly proclaimed, "A bad day of fishing is better then a good day of work." I believe there could be a little truth in that statement.

The major advantage of teaching is that it allows the teacher to see the many sides of what people perceive as correct. I'll illustrate this point with a short explanation.

I have a friend who was taught to spin fish some thirty five years ago. He uses his rod and reel in an inverted position (the spin reel is operated above the rod) and upon my first viewing of this seldom viewed mannerism I could not help to mention it to the angler friend.

He laughed and said that everyone he ever fished with (excluding his uncle who taught him the habit) had said the same thing to him. He also added that all of the comments had also come within the first several casts of the day.

So, there I am sitting in a raft in the middle of a Montana lake with a fellow who, I believe, has had his fill of "other peoples correcting". I elected to let it pass and I believe we both were glad I did.

Okay, so my friend is a little 'unconventional". He is a great angler and out fished me (in number of fish caught) on that particular day. He can cook with the best chefs of the world and his respect for the wild is extremely level headed. Naturally, I believe, because he believes in many of the same principles and views which I do!

Not once on that memorable day did he spew the Latin names of misidentified insects, extol the virtues of Graphite rods over glass rods, recite makes and models of overpriced angling type trash, get lost, get bitten up, bore the hell out of me or even snag my butt with a hook! Man. . . this guy was really gooooood!

The pursuit of fish means many things to many people. Whether it's standing knee deep in a pristine trout stream, rowing a canoe across a Vermont lake, trolling for striped marlin or cane poling some bream for dinner all of these experiences should be pleasuable moments. If they're not then why are you doing it?

That's my belief in a nutshell. Have fun and don't injury anyone (foreign, domestic or related) while doing it.This seems to be the common denominator every summer as people come to my shop asking my advice as to "where to go".

Usually as the first talkative person (of the couple or party) states his desires, I can't help but watch the other person(s) shaking their heads (negativly) as the first continues with his want list. So. . . as Doc's first rule of angling is simple.

Fish within your capabilties and fish with people with the same expectations of "going fishing". The reason ; because no one is a winner when someone is miserable.

So that's lesson 101 the easy way.

I also just had a question asked of me. Someone named RC is planning to camp in Yellowstone in August and just presented a list of flies he thinks will be needed. Whoa you don't need those three . . . and you forgot to bring the Light Cahills.

The question is mildly specific and might bore the rest of you so I will e-mail him my answer on the question. Next???

Doc Knoll