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More Fly Tying With David

Last week, I wrote about David tying up his first Woolly Bugger (sometimes called a Woolly Booger). This evening, David wanted to do some more tying so I thought it would be a good opportunity to review some basics with him and see what he remembered. Before we started, he successfully named the parts of…

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David’s First Wooly Bugger

Back in August, I picked up a White River Trout Fly Tying Kit from Bass Pro Shops for my son David’s 7th birthday. I could have put some things together myself, for him but the kit came with a DVD video with instructions on tying six fly patterns including a Wooley Bugger. It’s not a…

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Blanked And Disillusioned

Prior to heading to Alberta two weeks ago, I was feeling kind of down and disillusioned about my abilities to teach others and get new fly anglers into fish on the fly rod.  See, I’ve got this awesome son that is now 7 years old, and he’s humoured me by showing excitement about fly fishing…

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