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Match The Hatch? Maybe No Need in Devon

The Telegraph reports on a new book authored by Norman Maclean and due to be published in August, 2010 entitled “Silent Summer – The State Of Wildlife in Britan and Ireland.”  The book has relevancy for fly anglers as it apparently reports that natural fly populations have decreased substantially in recent years on Southern England…

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Another Fly Fishing Myth

Recently, I’ve written a couple of posts about where I’ve found errors in fact by so called “experts” in regard to fly fishing. In “Free Fly Fishing Advice,” I wrote about reading where an “expert” had answered a question about tippets and suggested you matched your tippet to the type of fish you were pursuing.…

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Mind Your Mono

I just posted my review of the nifty tool that no angler should be without: The monoMaster.  It’s a fantastic device that holds waste monofilament and fly fishing anglers should really take to this. As well, I’ve just discovered that there is another suggested solution to modern mono and the hazards it can pose when…

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