has been active this year, introducing new products for fly anglers. Three different fly rod models were announced by the company this month, including a 6 piece fly rod, a newly designed rod for Spey casting, and a rod that contains a Titanium tube bonded to the graphite blank.

For many, the Ti2000 Titanium fly rod will be of great interest. This line-up was first introduced a few years ago by Lamiglas but was only available for bass rods. Last year, Salmon/Steelhead rods were added which received a great deal of positive reviews by professional anglers and guides alike. "Fly rods of course were the next logical step in innovation," according to a press release issued by the company. According to Lamiglas, the titanium tube acts as an amplifier to transmit what your line is doing while false casting and to give improved feeling while fighting fish. Built with Titanium stripper guides and Hopkins & Holloway single foot running guides, the rod comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

For those anglers that miss fibreglass rods, they might want to take a look at the new Bush Creek Companion series. Also introduced this year by Lamiglas, these rods are for the traveller and come in 6 pieces. Currently, there are two models for fly anglers in production, a 6'6" 3/4 wt., and a 7'0" 4/5 wt. There is also a spin rod in the Bush Creek series as well.

The third new product will be of interest to those who desire a large two handed spey rod. Three new models ranging from 13'6" to 15'6' have been introduced, which Lamiglas suggests are 'true' spey rods, unlike other spey models which are meant for overhead casting. All three models are 4 piece, are competitively priced and will hit your pocket book for about 400 U.S. bills.

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