Can You Catch Catfish On A Fly Rod?
Not only will catfish attack some flies, they are a heck of a lot of fun to fight and catch using fly fishing rods.

Black Lab Flies and Supplies
Warm water flies and supplies. Also hand crafted graphite and bamboo fly rods.

Fly Fishing: A Metronome For The Soul
Dan Washburn writes about his experiences fly fishing for stripers in Georgia, while with a Jewish guide that speaks with a Manhattan accent.

Warm Water Angler
For some great discussion on warm water fly fishing, join this list! Gary Miller does a great job of moderating and of course, participating in this list that includes a lot of anglers willing to offer some great information.

Warm Water Fly Fisher
Warm Water Fly Fishing site that promotes warm water fly fishing and fly tying. If you're into warm water fly fishing, this is a site with lots of great info, excellent images, and fly patterns. I'll be spending some time here myself.