Yellow Shrimp
An effective pattern for brown trout, Dollaghan and Atlantic Salmon. An excellent pattern when used on the dropper

Salmon Flies For Sale
A selection of salmon flies available from the shop.

The Bann Special Shrimp: A top Irish fly pa
The Bann Special Shrimp is one of the greatest Irish fly fishing patterns ever created. Used throughout Ireland and the U.K., this pattern is effective on brown trout, Dollaghan, salmon and other fish.

The Black Dog
The evolution of a very pretty salmon fly. By Maxwell MacPherson.

Ally's Shrimp
Learn how to tie an orange, yellow or red Ally's Shrimp, a very popular and successful choice for salmon on the river Ness in Scotland.

Bondal Series
Patterns for several salmon flies from Hans van Klinken.

Cohoe Salmon Fly
An easy to tie fly for river cohoe salmon.

Garry Dog
The Garry Dog has taken many Salmon and Trout and it is a very successful fly.

Jungle Cock Cohoe
Repeated casts into good holding water with the right fly will result in explosive strikes by wild fresh run cohoe salmon.

Munro Killer
The Munro Killer is an excellent fly to have in your box, it combines four of the favourite colours for taking salmon.

Pink Salmon Fly
An effective fly for pink salmon from Don's Fly Tying.

Spring Salmon Yarn Fly
An easy and effective fly to tie.

The Aroostook Flytier
flytying site for all fly fishermen, tying patterns, pics., instructions, shopping cart, for all flies from salt water to classic salmon flies and everything in between.

The Willie Gunn
This fly is normally tied on tubes or waddington shanks and fished deep especially in the spring but it can be and is tied on hooks although a little more difficult to dress.

Thunder & Lightning
This is another so called simple strip wing pattern which has stood the test of time dating back to around 1850 with James Wright holding the title of originator.