Annie's Midge Emerger
Tied by Michael Hawkins

Copper and Orange Buzzer
Easy to tie, and very effective chironomid nymph pattern.

Copper Oval Tinsel Brassie Chironomid Patte
Prior to heading to Grande Prairie for the Canadian Fly Fishing Championships, Captain Ernie Kalwa asked me to tie up something very "sparse and skinny" but using primarily the colour copper. Well, he didn't ask for a specific pattern so I tied up something based on the "Brassie" fly. A good stillwater pattern.

Ian’s Brass Ass
The Brass Ass sinks like a brick - so it gets down to where the fish are. Steelhead, brown trout, rainbow trout, cutthroat, carp, drum, redhorse, grayling and brook trout like it.

It’s Just A Simple Bloodworm
Chironomids are one of the most important food sources for fish in stillwater. This bloodworm imitation is simple to tie and it works.

Bead Midge
This is a great dropper fly and fishes well as a larvae near the bottom.

Beaded Chironomid
Don Haaheim shares this pattern which has given him great success with rainbow trout.

Bugs Midge Pupae
This midge was tied by Mike Parker of Bugs'R'uS and is provided by The Conejo Valley Fly Fishers.

Copper Bead Head Zebra Midge
Pattern and image provided by The Canejo Valley Fly Fishers.

Dynamic Bloodworm
Don Haaheim says, "this is a fly that seems to span the differences in trout appetites almost everywhere in my home province of British Columbia."

Howard Lake Chironomid
Pattern for a large and unique chironomid at Howard Lake which is located in BC's Cariboo country.

Jimmy Toy Special
Provided by The Conejo Valley Fly Fishers, this midge tied by Bill Becher, with photo.

Light Green Chironomid
Most fly fishers in Western Canada favor dark chironomids but this fly is tied with a light green body and can be extremely effective when the traditional black and brown chironomids are just not working!

Magic Midge Larva
A.K. Best says this fly nearly doubled his nymphing success. Why not give it a try?

Mercury Midge
Fly recipe for the Mercury Midge with photos, from

Thread Midge
An easy to tie midge, with recipe and photos from

White Lake Bloodworm
Pattern and photo from Don's Fly Tying.

Zebra Midge
A nice fly with pictures of a few variations.