'I'm Hooked For Life, Dad!'
My experience teaching my eldest son how to flyfish, and the great time we spent together on a couple of rivers in Southern Ontario. Find out which fly was productive for us.

National Fishing Week - Take A Kid
Children are probably, in some ways, easier to teach than many adult males. Why not take advantage of this week and take a kid out flyfishing this time around?

Take A Kid Fishing
An article I wrote, encouraging adults to take kids fishing.

To Teach a Kid
Doc Knoll writes about his satisfying experience providing guidance to a frustrated beginner and provides his advice to ensure a passion for flyfishing.

Camping With Kids - Five Tips
Although directly related to camping with children, principles still apply to all outdoor activities with children.

Kid Fish B.C.
A Web-based tool for teaching Grade 5 to 7 students about our environment, fish, insects and stewardship. A section on fly fishing.

Let's Go Fishing
Wendy Hogan of Kidsturncentral.com has written a great article aimed at kids and getting them out fishing. Highly recommended!

Senseless Slaughter - Can we Prevent It?
An excellent and thought provoking article by Saltwater Guide, Ron Brooks in light of the Colorado tragedy