Brite-Eyed Emerald Shiner (HPU Style)
Fly fishing using hook up patterns can often lead to more success. Fox Statler provides us with his HPU Emerald Shiner.

AFF's First Fly Swap
Take a look at the great flies that were traded in our recent fly swap. Patterns and tips for Crawdad, Wooley Bugger, a beautiful Matuka, Turks Tarantula and more!

Asquam Smelt
This pattern has become Paul Minickeillo's first choice for ice-out landlocks.

Big Joe's Crayfish
A great crayfish (crawdad) immitation that will take both bass and trout. Tie up some of these and keep them in your fly box. Give one a shot during the next outing.

Blue Thunder
The Blue Thunder works well on steelhead and salmon, but it will also take white bass, white suckers, river redhorse, sheephead, and, if tied in larger sizes, salt water stripers, mackerel and dogfish. It is a smashing pattern for spring and winter steelheading along the watersheds and the shorelines of the Great Lakes, producing fish from Lake Erie, Lake Superior, Lake Ontario and Lake Huron - particularly in the Georgian Bay area where it was created.

Bubble Boy Emerger
An emerger patterns that floats correctly on the water. Hanging in the surface film during this vulnerable stage, the trout seem to find it irresistible.

Clan Chief Variant
A Scottish fly that is very successful on the wild browns in the lochs of Shetland. Would do well throughout North America as well.

Dark Olive Matuka
Tied By Jerry Young

Flightless Black Adams
Bob VanAmburg says, 'This fly is very simple, so simple that I was reluctant to offer it as part of a swap, but did so because it has so many great memories and is an excellent example of design evolution.'

Furry Crawdad
Tied by Roger Cotner

Glo Bug Hopper
The unconventional use of the glow yarn for the torso is what gives the Glow Bug Hopper such a realistic look. Not only does this fly look great, it also catches fish, the pattern will work for trout in the late summer where streams pass through grassy areas, or for the beginner this fly is deadly for Sunfish.

H & L (House & Lott) Variant
A wonderful fly with a great deal of history! The choice of Presidents. Tie this one up with Mike Hawkins. Excellent image too.

Harry Foam Beetle
Tied by Jack Miller

Hi Vis Foam Beetle
This fly was tied in response to the fish repeatedly hitting a bright foam strike indicator. It can be fished alone or with a nymph or ant dropper.

Japanese Beetle
Want to bring out the worst in trout? Grab a cup of coffee and learn to tie this fly.

Midnight Blue
Tied by Monte Smith

Mini Brown
Streamer tied by Peter Charles

Mohair Leech
Tim Stewart says using this fly makes flyfishing 'almost too easy! Simple to tie, and effective fishing both lakes and rivers.

Muddler Minnow
One of the most successful wet flies ever. If the fishing is tough, be sure to have some muddlers with you to try out. Effective on just about every freshwater fish, including trout, bass and panfish.

Murray's Hellgramite
Tied by Robert Ott

Puke Fly
A great fly for bass, or in larger sizes, pike. Believe it or not, was invented by a very observant four year old.

Quinchat's Glimmer
Tied by Dennis Bertram

Rabbit Leech Fly Pattern
I have caught rainbow trout, pike, smallmouth bass and walleye on this pattern, in both rivers and stillwater. Last week, Kade McKenize caught his first fish on a fly rod, a 4 lb. walleye, on this pattern in the Athabasca River.

Softex Spawn
In the everlasting search for the perfect egg fly to drift this upcoming spring; one fly has set itself apart from all the rest. The soft touch spawn pattern incorporates all the great characteristics of the traditional egg flies with a few new secrets of its own.

Sow Bug
'It's kind of a funny story that on the Little Red River the standard answer to, 'what did you catch them on', is always sow bug.' A straightforward pattern.

The Muncher
Five fish enticing triggers have been built into this fly, developed by Ontario fly fishing guide, Ian James. This fly says Eat Me.

Turk's Tarantula
Tied by Terry Longair

Uncle Joe's Crayfish
A realistic pattern for fishing smallmouth in gin clear water. In smaller sizes it will take carp, crappies, rockbass, redhorse, brown trout, rainbows and speckles.

Viva Zonker
A green body under black rabbit strip - this pattern has been deadly for me at times, fly fishing for rainbows on stillwater.

Wood Special
Doug Britton supplied this fly in one of our swaps, and he says that its a particularly effective fly right after ice out, and trolled behind a doger.

Wooley Bugger
Tied by Jack Soape

Yellow Humpy
A fairly difficult fly to tie, but Aaron's instructions will certainly help you out. A productive fly that is well worth having a few of in the fly box.

Baetis Cripple
Pattern provided by The Canejo Valley Fly Fishers, with excellent photograph.

Band It
This inexpensive fly, made with a rubber band apparently catches bass and panfish! A pattern from Ed Engelman.

Bas Verschoor's Coney Flies
Juiced up cone head flies tied by The Netherlands' fly tying master.

Doc Spratley
An effective fly for rainbow trout.

Fly Pattern for British Columbia by STS
Whoooweee! STS Guiding service in British Columbia provides this veritable resource of fly tying patterns. Where's my feathers, fur and thread?? You'll love this site.

Ginger Variant Scud
According to The Canejo Valley Fly Fishers, this pattern works great at Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River.

Gremmie Surf Fly
Pattern by Gary Bulla and provided by the The Conejo Valley Fly Fishers.

Rackelhanen (Polysedge)
Swedish On-line magazine, Rackelhanen, provides instructions for the fly that it takes its name from, also known as the Polysedge in the U.S.

Ray Charles
Looking for a freshwater scud or sow bug immitation? This fly tied by Bill Becher could be the one.