Airflow Platinum Fly Line Review
In the past, I've never bothered with all the hype and advertising claims of premium fly lines. What I had spooled on my reels did the job just fine, so I thought. But this spring, with some of my lines being almost 10 years old and in rough shape, I decided to treat myself and picked up both a 5 wt. and 8 wt, WF floating line - the Airflow Platinum.

The monoMaster - Great Tool For Waste Mono
Do you come back from your fly fishing outtings with tangled messes of fly fishing leader and tippet? Here is a fantastic tool that will eliminate that problem.

Understanding Fly Fishing Line Weights
Recently, I came across an article that had some incorrect information about how fly lines were rated in "weight" (sometimes seen as "wt."). If you've been confused by how fly line is rated, hopefully this will help clear that up!

Understanding Tippet and Leader Basics
From time to time, I get questions from beginners or non fly fishers about leaders and tippets. Some wonder what a tippet is exactly, and others get confused about the numbering system on tippets. Hopefully this will clear up the confusion.

Hyper-Compleat Principles of Leader Design
Definitely take a look at this article by Steven B. Schweitzer! As well as general information on leader design, you can download a tool to help calculate the length and diameter for each segment. I am going to have some fun with this!

Silk Fly Lines
This is a beautiful site. If you are becoming more nostalgic about flyfishing, it will motivate you to give the silk fly lines a try. Although there are some used lines available, these lines are brand new. Some interesting quotes and information.