Atlantic Salmon In Major Decline
Atlantic Salmon runs have decreased in the past year, according to The Altantic Salmon Federation. If you have ever dreamed of fishing for this legendary fish, you might want to help out if you ever want your dream to come true.

Catch And Release
Controversy sometimes swirls around C & R. Here is what some think. What about you?

Catch And Release Re-Visited
Sport or merely a fish rodeo?

I Caught And Released 5 Atlantic Salmon and
Yes folks, today I did catch 5 Atlantic Salmon and 4 Brown Trout. The weather outside is a balmy -5 Celcius (23 degrees F). And I did it all legally, as well. You interested in being able to catch both Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout in the middle of winter, in Ontario, and do it legally? Read on!

Poisoning The Water
Save the environment by killing the trout. It's happening and its government sanctioned.

Should Baitfishing Be Banned?
A new study provides evidence that we seriously need to re-think bait fishing.

University of Guelph "Are Fish Sentient?" S
Is this a "stacked" event? Dr. Braithwaite, one of the authors of the infamous "fish feel pain" study and an animal rights sympathizing philosopher will be speaking next week at the University of Guelph. I think it behooves anglers to learn more, and be at the symposium if they are able.

Whirling Disease
A look at this terrible disease and what we can do to help stop it.

Wild V. Hatchery Stocks
Should we continue our hatchery programs or work harder to protect our wild species?

Animal Rights
Freshwater Fishing Guide, Ronnie Garrison has put together this list of propaganda sites from various animal rights groups.

Catch & Release of large Fish
Recent studies have shown that large fish like salmon and steelhead also have a good survival rate if release is handled correctly.

Catch and Release - Does It Work?
Saltwater guide Ron Brooks' thoughts.

Fish Factoids
Harvest and other interesting information regarding fish in Oregon, from Oregon Trout.

Happy Fraser Conservation Award (1997)
Joan Salvato Wulff wins the The Atlantic Salmon Federation's top honor.

MidCurrent - Fly Fishing News
Fly fishing and fishing conservation news and resources.

Oak Ridge River Day
An annual event in tribute of Oregon's priceless waterways. The association holds a clean up day at Greenwaters Park.

Project 1
Text based page from the National Library of Canada describing efforts to rehabiliate lakes containing the endangered Aurora Trout.

Resources For Teachers - Whirling Disease
Resources for use in the classroom to help students learn more about whirling disease.

River Keeper Program
The program from Oregon Trout to educate and train members and others about fish conservation.

Salmon Watch
Oregon Trout's award-winning Salmon Watch has been an effective environmental education program serving middle and high school students in Oregon.

Whirling Disease Foundation
This private foundation funds and directs much of the research on Whirling Disease. Dr. Karl Johnson, of Hot Zone fame, leads the scientific team.

Wild Trout Refuges
Biologists who develop lake and pond habitat on private land for sensitive stocks of trout and other native fish.

Wolves & A Chicken Rancher
What's the truth about Yellowstone's wolves?