Awesome Smallmouth On The Fly
Smallmouth on the flyrod! The thought of it can get my heart thumping. There are a couple of reasons why I jumped at the opportunity to fish with Ian James recently.

Bead Head Nymph
A very productive, easy to tie fly for a variety of fish including trout, bass, crappie, bluegill and more.

Bead Head Prince Nymph
Rich McGaughey's version of this nymph has landed me a great deal of success with smallmouth bass.

Cat's Whisker
This is a tremendous fly for smallmouth and largemouth bass. I first learned of it from the reknowned Canadian fly angler, Ian James.

Cat's Whiskers and Skinny Dippers
My sons and I went camping and flyfishing on the Burnt River. There were lots of smallmouth bass about, and a few skinny dippers as well. This fly worked great for us!

Double Bead Peacock Herl Nymph
An easy to tie but very effective fly bass. You'll want to have a few of these in the flybox.

Effective Smallmouth Bass Patterns
Pound for pound, it is hard to beat the scrappy smallmouth bass on the fly rod for fun. Although many anglers target only trout while fly fishing, the smallmouth bass is also a favorite and can be readily caught using a variety of fly pattern imitations.

Harry Foam Beetle
Try jerking this across the top of of some bassy looking water... slam.... the fight's on!

Hex Strip Nymph
This fly can be tied in many colors and can be used as large swimming nymphs or small baitfish. An excellent bass fly!

Midnight Blue
I found this fly to be extremely effective on smallmouth in fast flowing rivers. Tied by Monte Smith for one of our flyswaps.

Muddler Minnow
Another great smallmouth and largemouth fly.

Smallmouth Bass
Part of an article I wrote on smallmouth bass fishing in Central Ontario; some information on smallmouth bass.