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No Fly Fishing, But Yahoo!

So I didn’t go fly fishing today. But, I did something even better in many respects, and that was take my son David, who will be four years old in August, fishing at a club I belong to. The club mostly focusses on shooting and archery sports, however there is a pond stocked with rainbow trout – it also contains bass and catfish. It’s only about 15 minutes from home, so it’s not a bad spot to go when one wants to get in some fishing, or take the kids. I’ve even caught a catfish on the fly rod there, once, using a weighted nymph on a slow retrieve.

Well, David did well! Regular readers may recall that a few weeks ago, I took David there and caught nothing. This was just a couple of days after taking him to the trout farm where he caught his very first fish, a rainbow trout just under two pounds.

Here’s David, just after the first cast, patiently waiting for something to come along and find the dew worm tasty:



We had a few nibbles but no fish for quite some time, but David was determined that we were going to catch fish. Sure enough, I had to holler, “David, look at your bobber!” (Yes, we were using a bobber – I think using a bobber when fishing with kids is a good idea as it gives them something to visualize). This time, the bobber was popping up and down below the water, and the rod tip was bent. David started to reel in, and well, you can see by the big smile on this wee man’s face that he was excited:




Now, I don’t mind eating catfish when done properly, but I wasn’t really feeling up to doing a catfish dinner anytime soon, so we put the fish back. David was not done yet! He was having nothing to do with the suggestion of going home now. And of course, I was having fun watching David have fun – so more time waiting, talking, teasing each other, and wondering if there were more fish to be caught this evening.


Sure thing – another one on! This was even larger, and David had a fantastic time reeling it in, and watching the fish fight and try to get away. He was laughing and cheering, and having a grand time. Dad had to help him pull the fish onto the bank for more pictures, and we grabbed a few. Here’s one:




We had arrived later than what I had planned at the club as before we went fishing, we went to the “Bass Pro Shops” Outdoor Centre in Vaughan, Ontario and spent quite a while looking at the large fish in their full sized aquarium and then picked out a tent to use when we go camping next week. It was getting close onto 9PM, and I suggested we think about heading home. Oh, did that ever upset the wee man! He wanted to fish and fish and fish. While he sobbed his wee eyes out, I gave him a hug and promised him we’d come back after 14 year old Colin arrived for a visit.


“O.K., Daddy,” between sniffles. David “drove” the van back along the lane to the clubhouse, sitting on my knee; we got a drink at the clubhouse and then left and saw two nice deer standing in the middle of the road. The jumped over a fence as we approached and then stood looking at us as I stopped the van so David could see them. I tried to get a picture, but they took off rather quickly into the bush.


Anyhow, it was another great “David And Daddy Adventure” today. And more on the way when we go camping with Colin later this week.


David’s First Fish

Hey, your first fish might as well be a good one, huh? And when you’re almost 4 years old, your first fishing trip with your auld man should be successful, right?

It wasn’t fly fishing – but we had a memorable afternoon, my wee man David and I. He’s been talking about going fishing, especially since Colin was down and Colin and I went fly fishing together just about everyday. Yesterday evening, David came to me, looked up at me, with his sparkling blue eyes and said, “Daddy, can we go fishing?”

“You bet, David! Let’s do that together, just me and you, tomorrow.”


So, today it was first off to the bank and then Canadian Tire where we picked out a brand new fancy Zebco spincast rod and reel. And of course, David’s own tackle box, with Scooby Doo images on it. He was so proud to be an owner of his own tackle box, he had to carry it out from Canadian Tire to the van.

We drove up Hwy 10 to the Primrose Trout Farm near Shelburne Ontario. I hear the groans already from those of you purists! I know, I know.. but I wanted to make sure he caught something on his first trip out. I didn’t even take my own rod along – this was all about David. It also helped that the Primrose Trout Farm is only about 15 minutes away from our home.

It was so much fun as the little chatterbox noticed everything and pointed out everything he saw, and asked questions about stuff I don’t know the answer to.

I set up his rod as he watched, pulled out a worm and put it on the hook.

“Daddy, do fish like to eat worms?”

“They sure do, David.”

“Ok, Ok.”

I cast the rod out, and in probably less than ten minutes, he had a big fish on. Zzzzzzzz went the reel as the line tore off it. But then the rod went slack. Had to teach David a little bit about setting the hook, but to be honest, the rod in his hands wasn’t exactly steady as it was… but that was ok.

A few minutes later, another zzzzzing… and again no fish.

“This is so much fun, Daddy. Thank you for taking me fishing.”

“Oh you are welcome, and just you wait – it’s going to be even more fun once you catch a fish.”

David stood by the side of the pond, I squatted beside him, getting ready to help him set the hook the next time. And finally, this time as the rod tip bent over and the reel squealed, this was a solid hook up. David reeled, the fish fought, tail danced on the water, dove, and did a few body smashes down into the water as it jumped and cleared the surface, and David grinned, laughed, and cheered.

For someone’s first fish, this one performed with a score of 10.

I would have liked to have fished a little longer, maybe caught another one, but I didn’t have much cash on me. I figured the fish to be around 2lbs, and Primrose Trout Farm charges $5.50 per pound, and releasing fish is actually illegal. David was so excited about the one fish, and he thought we should take it home to show Mommy anyhow, so off we went with our fish to get weighed – sure enough it was close to 2lbs as it cost me $9.50.

David and I had packed what he called, a “picnic” in his lunch box, and he reminded me on the way home we still had to have our picnic together. So I drove into Monora Park, we found a shaded area, and we had our apples, cracker snacks and juice, while we chatted.

“Daddy, if fish eat worms, what do worms eat?”

“You know what? I’m not really sure! Probably things that we can’t see with our eyes.”

A moment of silent contemplation.

“I guess we should get out our spy-glass that what makes things look bigger then to find out, right Daddy?”

David’s “spy glass” is a large magnification glass that he likes to carry around on occassion. “Yeah, that’s a fantastic idea, son!”

“I know, Daddy.”

“I am so blessed,” I thought to myself as I ruffled my hands through his hair.

“Can we go fishing again tomorrow, Daddy?”

“I am doubly blessed!”, I thought to myself while letting him know that we could go fishing again tomorrow.

Yes, doubly blessed to have another brand new excited angler in my life.

And would you believe the camera I had brought along had dead batteries in it? Ah well… the memories are etched in my mind anyhow.