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A Birthday Present

During the cold winds and inclement weather of Grande Prairie, I kept a handy dandy flask of whiskey handy – basically a 500 ml bottle that originally contained some spring water.  No, I did not consume anything from the flask during the competition sessions as apparently, that would have been illegal being in a boat according to Alberta law.

Unfortunately, the 500 ml bottle did not always fit very well in any of my pockets however.

Well, a very thoughtful woman came to the rescue and I have received a wonderful birthday present that is a nice flask that is sure to fit in just about any pocket – jacket, shirt, or boat bag.  I don’t remember telling the woman that my birthday was October 8th, but I guess I did – and she remembered.

Just the right thing for those cool spring or cool autumn days when fly fishing and inclement weather is a threat.

Yes, it will be filled with “whiskey,” (note the ‘e’ between the k and the y) and probably not “whisky.”   There are some Scotches that I like – but my own preference is for a good Bushmills – Black Bush – but I am not going to say no to the ten or 16 year old single malt Bushmills either.

This flask will fit perfectly in any of my pockets – shirt, trouser, vest, or boat bag.  And I love the inscription on the flask as well.

Ok, I may have a 500 ml water bottle as a back up (along with an un-opened bottle of Black Bush to boot) – but this birthday present is indeed a piece of fly fishing equipment that I will treasure and enjoy!

Sweet! No. 2

Other than a brief outing the other day to try out the Meiser Fly rod, I’ve been in bed, sleeping, napping, and feeling miserable getting over a nasty virus.

Woke up today and felt much better, and after feeling up to unpacking my suitcases from the trip to Grande Prairie, I thought I’d go back to the pond off Highway #9 near Orangeville, Ontario and try the Meiser rod out again. Hopefully this time with some fish on the end of the line.

All I can say right now is “Sweeeeet!” After making some adjustments for the handle length of the rod, laying out line was quite nice. Tried a few different fly patterns in the first half hour and caught nothing. Then tied on a white leech sort of thing tied up by Ernie Kalwa and after a few casts off the dock, felt a vicious take.

A couple of minutes later, netted this very nice 16 inch rainbow trout:



Continued to try the leech pattern but no luck on it. Tried a few other beefier type flies and still nothing. After a while, I noticed some fish rising to some hatching chironomids and thought I’d tie on a sort of “Brassie” pattern (not sure of the name of it – but basically a copper body with a beadhead and head of peacock herl).

The rod cast the fly exactly where I wanted, and during the extremely slow stripping of the line, this 17 incher was fooled and brought to the net:



Due to the angle of the camera, it looks smaller than the first one – but it was an inch longer.

Anyhow, really impressed with this Meiser System 2 rod!!


(Disclaimer – Bob Meiser is a client of mine).

I had hoped the Meiser System II 10 1/2′ rod would have arrived before I left for Grande Prairie, but sadly it did not.  Instead it arrived at my home while I was in Grande Prairie and it was impossible to have it shipped next day delivery to the hotel I was at.

This evening was the first opportunity I had to cast it.  I headed over to Humber Springs with my “wee man” to meet Ernie and Arron and thought that I’d try the rod.  I only had time to cast it for about 30 minutes but is it ever sweet! Light as a feather and as Arron Varga said when he tried it, “it casts like a cannon.” It’s a “switch rod” so there were a couple of things I had to get used to but once I did, the rod was just a dream.

After I’ve had more opportunity to fish it and hook and land fish, I’ll write up a more full review.