Fly Fishing Tackle Overview: The Tibor Signature 7-8 Gold Reel

I’m the sort of fly fisherman for whom nothing but the best will do. When I’ve got a hard-fighting trout or salmon on my line, I need to know that my fly fishing tackle will perform flawlessly and give me the edge I need to win the fight. Consequently, I’m forever hunting through the area stores and in particularly, the Internet for superior equipment that’s sensibly priced. I do have to confess that I enjoy shopping for tackle almost as much as using it! Therefore, throughout time, I have obtained a rather large collection of tackle. Occasionally, though, a new item with a forward-looking design catches my attention, and I simply must invest in it. For Example? The exceptional Tibor Signature 7-8 Gold reel.

Fly Fishing Tackle: Key Features of the Tibor Signature 7-8 Gold Reel

For sure, the £500 cost of this reel makes it a very good venture in fly fishing tackle though it merits such a pay out. It contains a pioneering sealed drag system which offers water-resistance and self-maintenance. The reel comes with one of the most robust and proficient drags in that has ever been engineered as well. It is endorsed by the well-known fly fisherman and reel designer Ted “Tibor” Juracsik. I find its minimalist concept quite appealing. Though it includes only some components that move, which can break down, it boasts an efficient design and smooth appearance. The spool is completely ventilated and the frame is designed to keep it cool. It contains a special clicker sound for retrieves and casts as well. This Tibor reel comes with an exceptional mechanical clutch system, so it is somewhat trouble-free to alter it from right hand to left hand retrieve. The spool, as well, complies with the Tibor trademarked quick-change spool system which incredibly utilises only one movable component.

Fly Fishing Tackle: Additional Facts on the Tibor Signature 7-8 Gold Reel

The reel’s drag system is nearly perfect. It’s designed to apply seal pressure constantly in free spool mode, so it never will overrun whilst stripping line. I was glad to discover that the Signature 7-8 Gold features Tibor’s ultra smooth micro grained cork that’s constantly being lubricated to deliver flawless operation. The reel calls for a small bit of maintenance, yet there won’t be a problem accomplishing it for this reason. Every single reel holds a distinctive serial number which makes certain that it will be accurately recognized if it ever has to be repaired – not a likely scenario, I must say. Remember to make the most of the free engraving on the nameplate whenever you buy your reel.

Fly Fishing Tackle: Concluding Suggestions on the Tibor Signature 7-8 Gold Reel

Tibor has protected the reel by providing an extra-thick neoprene case. It contains a Tibor standard Gorilla™ handle, however you can also get a SpeedHandle™ if you want, I do truly recommend it. This reel is offered in assorted colours. I preferred the custom graphite grey colour. The Tibor Signature is US made and offers a limited lifetime warranty.

This premium piece of fly fishing tackle is perfect for saltwater, salmon, and trout fishing. I give it high accolades!

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