Happy Birthday, David!

Seven years ago today, an awesome “wee man” was born.  He’s been adorable ever since, and he and I are pretty happy with each other.  I know he looks up to me, and I love him dearly.  Many many wonderful memories have been made with David Hugh Scott around.  I can remember his first smile as I was holding him on September 9th, 2002. It was a real genuine smile as his eyes lit up and he looked at me, and held that grin.  He’s done a lot of grinning and smiling ever since.

He’s sat on my knee many a time while I tied flies.  He’s accompanied me on fly fishing outtings and up until recently, he’d was content to simply strip line for me, sometimes even hooking fish in the process.   Now, he wants his own fly rod and wants to learn to cast.

I’ve been trying to get him an Echo Gecko rod, but no one around here seems to keep them in stock.  So I’ve been puzzling over what I should get him – I preferred something that was 7′, but most of the rods that were inexpensive are 4 wts. or less in that length.  That’s a bit too light as we’ll be doing lots of still water fishing where he could end up with a good number of rainbow trout in the 24+ inch range.  I also wanted a rod with a smaller diameter grip for his small hands.

The other day, I went into Angler’s Pro Shop here in Orangeville, and asked what they had available.  Lo and behold, the had a 7′ that was more than a 4wt.  I’ve never used a Snowbee fly rod before, but they do make their own “Junior” version, in a 7′  5/6 wt. I decided to get it, and use it with the 6 wt line.  I’m glad I did that. After I purchased the rod, I’ve discovered the Snowbee Classic Junior has mixed reviews – and it apparently performs much better with the 6 wt. line.  The rod itself is light and I’m pretty sure David will be able to handle it.  How it will cast, we’ll soon find out.  But at this point in David’s fly fishing progress, I’m not really all that concerned about him making long back casts and laying out 40 to 50 feet of line.  Obviously the rod is a bit on the heavy side as far as the line wt. – not something I’d want to use on a stream or small river, but David will likely be doing most of his fly fishing at this point on stillwaters.

As well as the rod, reel and line, David will be opening up a gift wrapped fly tying kit, so he can have his own vice and tying materials.  And then there will be a couple of fly boxes that he’ll be able to put his flies into.  I think he’ll love his 7th birthday.

Do any readers have experience with the Snowbee Junior rod? If so, I’d love to know about them.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday son!  I’m looking very much forward to lots of fly fishing with you!

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