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About Us                     Mon 28 Jan,2002

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Who We Are:

All About Fly Fishing, a division of PairoWoodies Publishing, is managed and edited by Ian Scott who was the Guide for's Fly Fishing site for over 3 successful years.

In January of 2002, due to a corporate takeover, Fly Fisherman magazine took control of the About site, thus freeing Ian with his content to develop something new and better. With the support of many in the fly fishing community, All About Fly Fishing was created.

You'll also find several great fly fishing experts and personalities who have contributed to our site:

Doc Knoll, our resident 'chicken rancher.' Doc shys away from the term 'chicken rancher', but he does raise some of the best genetic fowl that produce top quality feathers for fly tyers. Not only that, he's priviledged to live in a fly fishing paradise - the Paradise Valley area of Montana, right near Yellowstone. You'll find a lot of interesting stuff in the Doc's Rx.

Ian James is probably one of the best known fly fishers and tyers in Canada, if not the best. Originally from Scotland, James learned fly fishing on the banks of the River Clyde as a wee fellow. He moved to Canada some years ago, but you can still hear that lovely enchanting brogue in his voice as he provides wise advice and wisdom regarding fly fishing and life itself. A very creative fly tyer, you'll find a number of his excellent patterns here.

Randy Kadish when he's not practicing long-distance fly casting, can often be found fly fishing the streams in Westchester and the lakes in Central Park. During the last several years he has published many fishing and casting articles, as well as several fly-fishing memoirs.

Our Goals:

We are committed to bringing you top quality content, information, and news about fly fishing! Although the site must earn revenues in order to pay for expenses, we promise you that our advertising will be targetted towards our audience. Fast loading, clean design will ensure that your experience on our pages is pleasant and informative. We can't guarantee that you will agree with everything, but if we make you angry, please let us know your opinion!


We welcome inquiries about advertising on our site. All About Fly Fishing has already shown that it is very capable of delivering a targetted audience from within the fly fishing community. It is sure to become one of the most valuable places for your ad dollar. Take advantage of our introductory pricing now! We have several plans to fit any budget.
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