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Fly Tying Patterns For Stillwaters - DVD Video Review
Fly Tying Patterns For Stillwaters is a DVD by Phil Rowley. Phil is a renowned stillwater fly angler and tier, and here is our review of his video after my son David and I watched it on Fathers Day.
5 Ways To Catch More Trout
Fly fishing is not just about catching fish, but we do want to do that! Fly fishing guide Brian McGeehan suggests five things to try to increase your catches of catching more trout.
Fly Fishing Photography
There is a symbiotic relationship between fly fishing and photography. Frank Wood, a former Alberta guide now professional photographer provides some in-depth information on selecting cameras, lenses and more along with tips for better photos.

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Flightless Black Adams Puke Fly Blue Thunder 

Mend Your Line

Mend Your Line is a new feature here at About Fly Fishing which showcases the best guides in top fishing locations. Check out our featured guide below:
Bill Bryden Of Western Newfoundland
Bill Bryden owns and manages Eureka Outdoors of Western Newfoundland. He has been providing guiding services for Atlantic Salmon for 23 years.
Olive the Woolly Bugger - Book Review
Illustrated and written for children, this book review has been written by my 7 year old son, David. Because he wrote the review, I have agreed to track any sales of the book through the link to Amazon.com. David will receive any proceeds generated that w

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